Steelmate supply a comprehensive range of automotive accessories to enhance the safety of car and motorcycle. We specialize in parking sensor, tire pressure monitoring system, blind spot detection, dash camera, forward collision warning, baby seat alarm system, car and motorcycle alarm system.

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We manufacture and sale of automotive electronics, such as parking assist system, car alarm system, motorcycle alarm system, tire pressure monitoring system, blind spot detection system, baby seat alarm system etc.

Baby Seat Alarm System

Little helper on board

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Solar-power display and DIY installation

Blind Spot Detection System

79GHz microwave radar

Parking Sensor(Parking Assist System)

Switchable rear/front operating mode

Car Alarm System

Ultra-long distance Lora™ technology

Forward Collision Warning System

Adjustable sensor sensitivity

Tire Inflators

Provide a quick solution to drivers who experience flat tires.

Motorcycle Helmet Light

Driving warning lights. Having the brake detection

HANMA Car Audio

Enjoy your ride, surrounded by superb sound.

DVR mirror

Can be upgraded to ONE-S safety driving system

Endless benefits for manufacturers and wholesalers

Short Lead Time


Efficient digital and automatic production ensures short lead time.

Flexible Customization


Can be customized and developed according to customer needs.

Strict quality management


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, European RoHS Certification & strict quality tests ensure the high quality.



A set of CNAS laboratory.

Superior Customer Service


Experienced engineers and technicians are available to answer questions and offer personalized service for jobs large and small to help ensure you get the right parts for your needs.

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Nowadays, Steelmate has emerged as the No.1 motorcycle alarm, car alarm, tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS) and parking assist system manufacturer in China. We produce the state-of-the-art products in our filed with 1600 employees and factory base spanning over 200,000㎡ areas, in which we are equipped with high-speed Siemens SMT lines, an in-house mold center with high-precision mold processing, ICT stations and advanced laboratory equipment etc. You can find presence of our products at every corner around China and nearly 110 countries and regions worldwide.

Steelmate Co., Ltd.

Why Choose Steelmate?

27 years in R&D,Design and Manufacture

· More then400 patents all over the world;strong team of R&D;
· The strict quality control from R&D to manufacturing;
· The professional facilities in special tests;
· Assembly,tooling,injection and SMT;

To make safety-enabled products available to vehicles,convenient driving experiences accessible to drivers

The leading Brand in China Automotive Accessories Industry

· Efficient automated production line;
· Equipped with Siemens, Yamaha high-speed automatic placement machine, advanced mold processing equipment, Japanese ICT computer automatic tester and laboratory;
· "Innovation Award" at the Frankfurt International Auto Show in 2010;

Cooperating with Well-know Companies

· Cooperating with the companies such as Valeo, TOYOTA etc;
· IOS9000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 approved.





R&D team






Industrial Park


Trusted By Worldwide OEM Customers

Steelmate products has been sold and well-received in more than 90 overseas countries and regions.

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